A visit to Dr Alison Gee for a second opinion on your fertility and previous IVF treatment will help you to ensure that nothing has been missed. It will give you clarity over why treatment so far may have been unsuccessful.

Fertility treatment can be stressful. There are many unknowns, and after a series of unsuccessful treatments couples can feel disappointed. Consulting another specialist may give women and couples the opportunity to ask questions that they feel uncomfortable posing to their current doctor.

Alison can discuss your situation and:

  • Help you understand what your infertility issues may be
  • Assess if any additional fertility tests could be valuable
  • Help you understand what your ovarian reserve status is and how that affects your fertility
  • Assess your current fertility treatment
  • Help you set realistic goals and expectations
  • Propose a fertility treatment plan that best suits you
Peace of mind

A second opinion on your fertility treatment can give couples reassurance that the IVF or other treatments they have been through are the best course of action going forward. A second opinion on the IVF treatment you’ve received and your infertility is also a chance to confirm that all basic tests have been done.

There is no simple answer for a complex problem, and Alison may well give you similar advice to what you have already received. However, the value of a second opinion is in being informed and empowered to make choices moving forward.

Second Opinion Round Image
Alison has been assisting women and couples with fertility for over 20 years and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your current treatment and possibilities, in a private and caring environment.