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Fertility treatments

One in six Australian couples will experience infertility. Seeking help to conceive is more common than you may think.

That’s why I adopt an evidence-based approach for optimal results.  For many patients, this may require pharmacological treatments, complementary therapy solutions, or a combination of both. To assist patients to remain well informed throughout their fertility journey, I’ve provided the latest information and fact sheets to help supplement their education.


Complementary or adjuvant therapy is an additional treatment that can be considered when undergoing IVF treatment.

The role of adjuvant therapies is to increase pregnancy success, particularly in women who have had multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles. Complementary or adjuvant therapies are used by many people to improve their overall physical and emotional health and well-being and as such, may be included as part of an overall strategy to improve your chances for a baby.

While IVF is a highly successful treatment used to address infertility, it may require multiple attempts before success. Hence, by incorporating adjuvant therapies I aim to give you every chance for success.

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